Best Hamster Toys –  Store Bought

Best Hamster Toys – Store Bought

The best hamster toys ever are not easy to find, but they’re there if you look for them. Some of them can even be made at home !

This is my guide to the best hamster toys ever, and a few tips on making your own, but the toys we’ll talk about are also good for smaller breeds like Robo hammies or Campbell.

Running toys for your hamster

Most hamsters are runners by nature. This is what they have to do anyway.

Best store bought exercise toys for hamsters

A running wheel is one of the most basic things you need for your hammy. As such, it should be quiet, it should stay in its place, and made of something your hamster won’t hurt itself on.

The vast majority of running wheels that you get when purchasing your hamster cage are horrible. Too small, won’t spin, cheap plastic.A good running wheel is a bit of an investment, but will last literally your hamster’s entire life. So don’t skimp out on the running wheel for that matter. It’s what will keep your hamster busy 60% of the time.

For this I’ve found a great, silent wheel that’s suitable for all hamster types, Syrian and Robo as well. It has a tail and neck guard, and will stay in place.

It is heavier, like 2 lbs/nearly 1 kg but that is because of the heavy base to keep it in place in the cage. The wheel itself is not heavy, so your hamster will be able to spin it well enough.

You can check it out on bucapet and see the prices as well.

Hiding toys for your hamsters

Hamsters live to hide, it’s what they do half the time. So you can give your hamster a lot of options here.

Best store bought hiding toys

Hide and seek toys are always fun, but most of them are too small for a Syrian hamster.

If your hamster is smaller, like a Robo or a Campbell, then most hiding tunnels will fit your hamsters well enough. But here I’ve found a toy that will fit a Syrian as well, and can be enjoyed by all kinds of hamsters.

It’s made of wood, and has a whole lot of entrances and separate exits. Your hamster will be darting in and out of it all day, every day.

You can check its pricing on bucapet here.

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