7 Reasons Why Hamsters Make Great Pets

7 Reasons Why Hamsters Make Great Pets

While the decision to bring home any new pet requires careful consideration, hamsters can make great pets for almost any responsible family based on their modest space and care requirements.

To help decide if this is the right pet for you, consider these seven reasons to bring home a hamster.

1. Hamsters Don't Require Extensive Training

Unlike cats or dogs, hamsters do not require extensive training. No litter box training or obedience courses are needed!

Hamsters do, however, benefit from regular socializing and handling to help them get to know you. If you are looking for a lower-maintenance furry companion, a hamster may be just the pet for you.

2. Typically, Hamsters are Inexpensive Pets to Own

On top of being low-maintenance, buying a hamster won’t break the bank. Though you must consider the cumulative cost of all the supplies needed to care for a happy hamster, the overall expense will be far less than adopting a cat or dog.

Once the initial one-time costs are covered, such as the cage, hamsters are relatively cheap to upkeep. You won’t be spending much per month on hamster food, treats, and bedding. Of course, as with any pet, there can be unforeseen costs, like vet bills, that you will need to be prepared for. Prior to getting a hamster, research exotic animal veterinarians in your area to see where the closest vet is to you and if you are willing to drive to the clinic in case your pet gets sick.

3. Hamsters are Cute and Entertaining

Who doesn’t love a hamster’s adorable fuzzy features and tiny size? These cuties are a joy to watch play and clean themselves.

From running in their wheels to exercising in a ball, each hamster has its own unique personality and watching them enjoy their favorite activities can provide endless entertainment.

4. Hamsters Are Great Pets For Night Owls

Hamsters are nocturnal, meaning they are most active during the night. Though this could be seen as a negative, this is perfect for any people who keep late hours. Are you looking for a late-night movie companion or someone to keep you company while everyone else is in bed? A hamster could be the perfect night time friend.

5. Hamsters Require Minimal Space

Unlike dogs, cats, or even rabbits, hamsters really only need a few feet to live in. You can easily make room for a hamster cage on a desk or dresser, making them the perfect pet for those who live in small houses or apartments.

However, don’t be shy about taking your hamster out for regular playtime. With supervision, hamsters love to explore. Getting them a hamster ball is a perfect way to let them burn off some energy. Plus, they are so much fun to watch roll around.

6. Hamsters Don’t Require Constant Attention

Though they can enjoy quality playtime spent with their people, providing they have enough space and entertaining toys, hamsters are usually content being left alone in their cage. Time for training, daily walks, and long grooming sessions aren’t needed to care for a happy hamster. They don't need the kind of attention and human interaction that dogs and cats do.

Keep in mind, however, that failure to socialize your hamster (especially early in its life) may make it more shy or hesitant to be handled.

7. Hamsters are Easy to Clean up After

Hamsters are clean animals, so you will rarely ever have to bathe yours unless you have to wash something off of them. They are generally fastidious about personal hygiene and regularly clean themselves to keep tidy. Not only does this mean that you have less work, but it is also adorable to watch them undertaking their little cleaning rituals.

Hamsters are also quite good housekeepers. They usually choose one corner of their cage to be their bathroom, which keeps the rest of the cage relatively clean. This makes tidying up their home a breeze in comparison to some rodents!

With so many things to love about hamsters, it is no wonder they make such popular pets. Without much cost, time, or space, you can keep an adorable little companion to call your own.

Although they may be easier to care for than some other pets, it doesn't mean that a hamster is right for every household. Very noisy households or ones with lots of other pets could be stressful or a risk for a hamster. And keeping any pet requires time, patience and dedication. If you can offer these things, then a hamster could be the perfect pet for you.

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