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BUCATSTATE Metal Small Animal Cage 3.0 (Pre-sale Wholesale)

BUCATSTATE Metal Small Animal Cage 3.0 (Pre-sale Wholesale)

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Compared to the Metal Cage 2.0 
✅Structural upgrade: 
1)  Upgrade the metal frame structure, widen the size of the support bar, and support performance MAX.
2)  A new double lower beam is added at the bottom (100cm only needs one beam to get the most support out there), which is not easy to sink with increased load-bearing, and meets the placement of more hamster supplies in the cage (100cm bottom plate bears to 25kg, 120cm bottom plate bears to 30kg)
3)  A new upper beam is added to the top cover, and the load-bearing increase will not collapse, which can meet the placement of daily hamster supplies

✅Experience upgrade: 
1)  All acrylic panels are upgraded and thickened, but it does not affect the observation of your pet from all angles
2)  Add shock absorption strips to the top cover and the part where the acrylic panel is connected to the bar to solve the problem of resonance noise and experience the upgrade

Appearance upgrade:
1)  Large top double door, more convenient to interact with hamsters
Space upgrade: 
1)  Increase the size to 120 * 60cm, and the larger size meets the hamster's habit of digging holes
2)  New matte appearance texture, not easy to wear

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a) The current pre-sale order must meet the minimum order quantity of 5 pieces.
b) All products are shipped from China. The current webpage only shows the sales channels of Germany, France, Spain, Italy the United Kingdom, and the United States. If customers in other countries are interested, please chat with us to obtain purchase channels and discounts.
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🌈Color Option: Black/White
Size Option:
100cm L x 50cm W x 52.5cm H (ca.39.3" x 19.7" x 20.6")
120cm L x 60cm W x 62.5cm H (ca.47.1" x 23.6" x 24.5")

💙 With a deep base that accommodates a 25cm (9.8 inches)/ 30cm (11.8 inches) height thick layer of bedding.
💙Suitable for Degus, Mice, and most of the Syrian and Dwarf hamsters or other kinds of small animals.
💙Metal frame combined with high-quality acrylic boards that achieve structural stability.
💙4 view windows that allow you to see your pets from different angles.
💙Features a large door on the front side to bring fresher air in.
💙Water and rust-resistant that’s fairly easy to clean
💙Stacking design. (stackable accessories not included here)
💙Safe braking universal wheels. Easily move your small animal cage. (universal wheels not included here)
💙Escape-proof pet lock design.
💙Easy to use and assemble, any installation questions, please contact us to get the installation video.
💙Transparent view and modern design.

⚠️The current 3.0 universal wheel and stacking parts are only suitable for BUCATSTATE metal small animal cage 3.0.

🐹We recommend that 2 cages stacks together are the best solution, and 3 or more cages are inconvenient to interact and clean due to the high height.

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