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BUCATSTATE Hamster Sand Bath Container Acrylic with Ladder

BUCATSTATE Hamster Sand Bath Container Acrylic with Ladder

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• Acrylic Sand-Bath Box with Half Lid .

• Spacious Hamster Sand Bath Container:Rectangle/Circle/Fan Shaped.

• Unique Design - We have the print tick marks (1.5cm and 3cm) on the outside of bathroom.

• When adds the top cover and plus our wooden ladder can be used as climbing toy and platform.

• Rectangle Shaped Bath Box-good size suitable for place feeding bowl and water bottle.

• Heighten Design Hamster Litter Box - effective prevents the sands splash out, also assist hammy access out & in.

• Easy to Clean - The poplar-wood board styles of lids are water-resistant on surface.

• Rectangle shaped Size: 21*14.5*8.2cm/8.3*5.7*3.2 inches (L*W*H);Circle shaped size: 20*8.2cm/7.9*3.2 inches (D*H);Fan shaped size: 16*16*8.2cm/6.3*6.3*3.2inches (L*W*H).

• It's recommended for your syrian hamster, mice, chipmunks, chinchillas, fansy rat, young squirrel, lemming or other small pets animals.

Acrylic Sand-Bath Box with half Lid - More Transparent, More Viewable, More Fun.

It's recommended for your hamsters, gerbils, mice, lemming, or other similar-sized pets, spacious space offers them more sands to burrow, they also love to take a sand bath to keep their furs glossy, clean, and dust-free.

Made of bite-resistant acrylic material in the bottom sand bath. Compare with others sand bath edge has been polished to protect adorable pets from scratch and injury.

Good Companion with BUCATSTATE Bath Sand. Absorbs Odor in the Hamster House.

- Dimensions:
Circle Shaped: 20*8.2cm
Fan Shaped: 16*16*8.2cm
Rectangle Shaped: 21*14.5*8.2cm
- Material: poplar-wood board and acrylic
- Caring Instructions: top cover cannot be washable under the water directly
- Package Included: 1*Sand Bath Container

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