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BUCATSTATE Donuts Series Hamster Wheel 8.3 inch

BUCATSTATE Donuts Series Hamster Wheel 8.3 inch

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BUCATSTATE Donuts Quiet Spinner Gerbil Wheel
🍩Ball bearing can not be soaked into the water directly!!!
🍩Size & Color: Pink & Blue; 21cm/8.3 inch running drum
🍩Designed with Al alloy dual ball bearings and high precision axis to ensure the wheel glides smoothly and silently.
🍩The bearings SPIN around the bolt as your pet runs, reducing friction and noise during running.
🍩The running track is continuous without cracks or tripping problems, reducing the risk of fur/tail entanglement, pet wrap-a-round, and other injuries.
🍩The running drum is easy to disassemble for two methods of use: standing or hanging on a wire. Also, it's water washable for cleaning easily.
🍩The acrylic base (19cm L*12.5cm W; ca. 7.5 "*4.9") is sturdy and durable and will not move out of position during exercise.
🍩Variable height is between 8.3" (ca. 21m) to 11" (ca. 28cm) bottom height.
🍩Designed with a 12-degree M-shaped gentle slope and enlarged runway (9.3cm/3.7")

Q: How to use the hamster running wheel?
A: Screw the accessories in sequence to complete the installation. You can use it with the stand to place it flat in the cage, or not have the stand hang directly from the wire cage.

Q: How to adjust the height?
A: Loosen the back cover on the stand counterclockwise, then adjust the height according to the type of hamster and cage, creating a perfect space for sports and entertainment for your hamster.

Q: How to choose the running wheel size?
A: It's important not to give your hamster a too-small wheel. The larger a wheel is, the less the hamster has to arch its back and the more similar it is to running on flat ground in the wild.

Q: How to clean the running wheel?
A: Rotate the back cover, fix the fastener counterclockwise, and unscrew them. Take off the running drum only for cleaning; bearing parts can't be washed with water.

Q: What is the material of the running wheel?
A: Made of pet-safe AS Plastic/ABS Plastic/Acrylic.

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