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BUCATSTATE Hamster Climbing Ladder Wooden Toy

BUCATSTATE Hamster Climbing Ladder Wooden Toy

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• High quality natural materials.

• Polished and smooth.

• Stable in structure

• Free of chemical smell.

• Easy to climb up and down

• Multi-use Climbing Accessories.

• Creative Hamster Habitats Decor.

• Work well with platform/ hideout/ sand box.

• Suitable dwarf hamsters, Syrian hamsters, chipmunks, squirrels, gerbils, chinchillas, parrots birds, and other small animals.

• Suitable for use in all kinds of cages.

BUCATSTATE Hamster Climbing Ladder helps to expand the spatial span. Both ends of the ladder can be connected with more pet’s furniture, such as Chamber, sand bath box platform, etc.

It can also make more possibilities to exploration of furry animals, satisfy their natural instincts, and improve vitality.

Adorable & good-looking climbing toy with dual pattern design (one in pattern and the other one in wood) brings more interesting viewing on hamster cage decors, easy to match multi styles cage themes.

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