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BUCATSTATE Hamster Sand Bath Container Cute Cheese Shaped

BUCATSTATE Hamster Sand Bath Container Cute Cheese Shaped

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• Cute Cheese Shaped

• Fan-Shaped Design with Space Save

• Made from premium highly transparent PC plastic material.

• Overall thickening design improves stability and is not easy to tip over.

• Large capacity good for them to take a sand bath and keep their furs glossy, clean, and dust-free.

• Heighten and Sand-Proof Design - effectively prevents the sand splash out.

• The baffle of entrance assists hammy access out & in.

• Easier to clean and fewer smelling problem,Chew-resistant and water washable.

• S size: 18*14*9cm/7.01*5.5*3.54 inches (L*W*H);Entrance size: 6*4cm/2.36*1.57 inches (W*H).

• L size : 22.5*16.2*13cm/8.86*6.4*5.12 inches (L*W*H); Entrance size: 7*5cm/2.75*1.97 inches (W*H).

• Enlarged size it's recommended for your Syrian hamster, mice, chipmunks, guinea pig, chinchillas, fancy rat, the young squirrel, lemming, or other small pets animals.

When hamsters use the bathsand to clean themselves, Hamsters sand bath can keep them clean and healthy the natural way.

We have designed a sand bath container for small pets that has enough space and prevents bath sand from spilling.In the hamster bathroom is distributed in a number of snaps, grab the lower cover, lightly squeeze the upper cover can be opened.

Cute Cheese Shaped can be used as accessories for decorating your pet cage, increasing the ornamental value of the pet cage.

Because the hamster sand bath container is made of fully transparent material, there might be slight water ripples and fusion lines on the hamster litter box. It is a normal phenomenon and does not affect its use.

- Dimensions: Small: 18.3*13.9*8.9cm; Large: 23.2*17.1*13cm
- Material: PC plastics
- Assembly: Fasten the upper and lower parts
- Caring Instructions: Water washable
- Package Included: 1*Sand Bath Container

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