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BUCATSTATE Hamster Bath Sand

BUCATSTATE Hamster Bath Sand

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• Natural desert sand.

• Uniform particles.

• Fast agglomeration.

• No impurities and low dust.

• Effectively remove odor and grease.

• Keeping your furry friend glossy and healthy.

• Leaky spout outlet and handle design, convenient to use and store.

• 3 options: Fine Desert Sand/Coarse Desert Sand/Plant Scented Sand

• Perfect for: hamsters, golden bears, squirrels, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards, and other small animals

Hamsters originally lived in dry semi-prairie and semi-desert areas and were naturally afraid of water. To keep their well-being and remove excess oil, they needed to roll in the sand to clean themselves.

Bucatstate natural desert sand, no dust, ideal for small animal sand baths and building a habitat of nature scene.

While the hamster is bathing, the bath removes grease and miscellaneous hairs, keeping them glossy and healthy.

The leaky spout outlet and handle design is convenient to use and store and avoids overflow and waste.

It offers your little furry friends an excellent cleaning, stimulates natural digging behavior, and encourages them to entertain & relax.

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