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BUCATSTATE Wooden Small Animals Stand Platform with Pillars

BUCATSTATE Wooden Small Animals Stand Platform with Pillars

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• Waterproof surface

• Simple installation

• Excellent bearing capacity

• No odor and easy to clean

• Thickened platform-Prevent being bitten

• Increase the utilization rate of the space

• Provide more space for small pets to climb, rest and play

• Suitable for small pets, such as Dwarf Hamsters, Syrian hamsters, Chipmunks, Hedgehogs, Squirrels, Gerbils, Chinchillas, Parrots, and other small animals.

• 2 options : Large: 13.8''*7.1''*7.1''/Small: 9.8''*5.9''*5.7"


The platform uses natural high-quality wood, without unpleasant smell, safe and durable, so you can keep your mind to prepare a spacious play and living area for your little pet.

Placing a platform in the cage can increase the utilization rate of the space. It has excellent load-bearing capacity and can place daily accessories such as water bottles, bowls, running wheels, and hideout houses. It can also greatly increase the use space of in the cage and meet the nature of animal exploration.

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