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BUCATSTATE Starlight Running Wheel for Hamsters

BUCATSTATE Starlight Running Wheel for Hamsters

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•Designed with dual ball bearings to ensure the wheel glides smoothly and silently.
•Come with a cork mat effectively reducing the friction and noise during running.
•The M gentle slope running wheel can buffer and slow down.
•Three-dimensional design. Light refracts during running like working under starlight.
•Size Option 1:
•Inner Dia is 21cm/8.2" and the Width of the runway is 8cm/3.15"; Base size is 22 x 14cm/8.6" x 5.5", total weight 0.688kg/1.5lbs. Variable height is between 22.5-28cm/8.9"-11".
•It's recommended for grown Dwarf Hamsters such as Hamsters, Lemmings, and Mice.
•Size Option 2:
•Inner Dia is 26cm/10.2" and the Width of the runway is 10cm/3.9". Base size is 22 x 20cm/8.6" x 7.9", total weight 1.08kg/2.4lbs. Variable height is between 28-35cm/11"-13.8".
•It's recommended for grown Dwarf Hamsters such as Roborovski hamsters, Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters, Lemmings, Mice, Teddy Bear Hamsters, Golden Bear Hamsters, and Gerbils.
Color Options: White/Pink/Blue/Purple/Yellow/Green/Red/Mint Green/Brown/Orange/Transparent/Transparent Blue/Transparent Pink/Transparent Purple/Transparent Black
Tips: Please do not soak the bearing parts in water directly to keep a longer service life!!!

Why do hamsters need exercise wheels?
Hamsters are very active creatures when they live in the wild. They spend most of their waking time scurrying around to gather food or dig burrows. When housed in a cage, this biological programming is not turned off!

Benefits to physical health: A hamster wheel is essential for weight maintenance. Without enough exercise, your hamster could become obese. This strains their heart, lungs, and other organs and could shorten their life expectancy.
Benefits to mental health: As naturally curious little creatures, they require mentally stimulating toys. Select a wheel can be to stop them from getting stressed and restless.

How to choose the right hamster size?
It would be best to choose a wheel of 8.2 inches for dwarf and Roborovski hamsters and at least 10.2 inches for more giant Syrian and larger hamsters.
It would be best not to give your hamster a too-small wheel. The larger a revolution is, the less the hamster has to arch its back and the more similar it is to running on flat ground in the wild.

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